Thursday, October 25, 2012

Love can change so many things

From any bad form to good one.. it is the beauty of Love.

Looking at these photos overwhelmed me with warmth & gratitude..
Yes, I really believe love can change so many things.. included person..
My Mom & Dad is my hero.. They changed me three years ago. :)

There is no best present from my parents other than my parents' love when I was in my lowest level 3 years ago.. I used to be like the "bad dog", they took care of me when I couldnt takecare of my ownself..

When you feel you are really loved, you will go stand up by your ownself, you will become aware & responsible about your life, you will move forward, and you will finally understand how important Love is in human's life.

The beauty of Love: It changes things, conditions, animals, person..


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