Thursday, October 25, 2012

Memento Mori

Hehehehe.. what a long time.. It's been 8 months since last time I logged into this blog, my life in blog. :)

How come??
Where have I been?
What was I doing??

Reading back to all my entries.. it's totally very different thing to see now.. such memories..
What thing have I accomplished since last time I wrote? Any progress?

Lets see Linda, what things you've been going through these 8 months.. you must remember it back :)

So.. these 8 months..
Well.. I think first progress I can identify is my English has been enhanced.. time by time, my English enhances, especially speaking.. I feel I speak more fluently than before.. I met many interesting foreign friends who spoke English to me in some special activities.. they are very kind to me.. my courage grew a lot.. my circle of friends have been varied and getting bigger..

But mostly for circle of friends, I am really grateful to have meet with kak Ina, kak Mega, kak Eunice.. they are my 30-something years old sisterhood friends :) (I dont have many friends with same age).. and then my best friend Devi and O.I.. they are very good & low-profile people, they teach me how to be good person and be better.. They make me happy. I am such lucky person.

Second, definitely I became philosopher in these 8 months lol.. of course behind my non-sense smile, I am also thoughtful person :P

So now is my last year.. what will I gonna do? Which starting point do I need to take?
I have a plan.. one plan.. living abroad after I graduate next year (working there, setting new level of maturity & courage, doing new adventure etc etc).. that is the only plan I want to do.. I dont know why.

Third, I want to feel in love.. again.. so lately I joined one dating site out there, never been or done that before, such spontaneity and tremendous courage of me lol.. I dont know what I must do actually in this site.. what thing should we expect from dating site? Am I type of a person who is able to do kind of that relationship?

But from learning from my past, I need to pray for every relationship.. that's important to pray because that is such big matter.. I dont want to play someone's feeling as well as I dont want to be played.. there is karma/consequence when we do something bad.. And I think, we must take maturity right now.. have strong commitment to our relationship, something that many people greatly lose & give up easily in this era.

Lately I'm also  *really* thinking about what the best criterias I need to see in man.. but I dont want to spread my mind here ;p

I believe GOD will direct and lead me to best direction.. whatever will happen, I know I will smile.. and I hope every guy I met will smile too.. I do adore God's spontaneity.. when we think about doing something or planning something, God suddenly change it 180' and give us something that makes us giggle at the end.. I did experienced some of them.. I giggled why I entered law school, something I never imagined before.. I giggled why I can be blessed with best life right now meanwhile JUST 3 years ago I died in spiritual .. God is soo good because His Love.. spontaneity in His plan.. so, eventhough I plan I would go to America someday, I'm relax for that.. this life, we must be relax and trust GOD to do His magic, His "joke".. all the things. Trust me, God is funny :) .. maybe I am very happy person right now because I know I have very funny God with funny plan :))


I think that's all.. some big points in these 8 months..

This writing is too simple and straight-forward.. but that's what I want to do in my life..To simplify my life now..  So others doesnt need to confuse about my life.. For me, saying things to be straight & honest is the best thing to do.

I just can do that..
I dont want to complicate things anymore and try hard way.
It is just not worth the price. :)


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