Thursday, March 10, 2011

From Brain To Twitter

1. RETWEET is used to forward our friend’s tweet.
2. If you want to give ur opinion toward it, use “REPLY” button.
Thank you.


Twitter is one of happening social networkings nowadays. Social networking that succeeded in encouraging its users to use their brains.. that being successful to send human's message  to others. Message from brain is not always transferred by mouth now, but also by the keyboard. Whatever thing that pop in brain will be directly tweeted.

Examples of my friends' tweet :
 @ follback y....
Terimakasih ya Allah...  
semoga @ selalu dilindungi dan dilancarkan urusannya oleh Allah. Love you so much dear... 
@rezagunawan Ada 3 cara utk memotivasi manusia: 1. Rasa takut, 2. Harapan, dan 3. Cinta 
@ Mowning tweeps.
In beginning, I  saw Twitter as media for exchanging formal informations. But since-I-don’t-know-when, I’ve seen it as my media to deliver my private informations, such as where I go,  what song I hear,  my principles, my emotions etc.  But now,  I’m in trial to not be in Twitter to express my emotions. I think many Twitter users will definitely agree if I say that Twitter is addicting as media for expressing emotions, not?

But in my laptop now, I would never be able to log in to my Twitter directly (I log it out right after I finish using it), so  when I might get mad later, I wouldnt tweet something stupid in just few minutes lol. 

So, the reason why I control my Twitter login is that I feel by tweeting, it makes my friends and I become less open to each other for things. First ground, I found when  my friends and I got disappointed  of each other but we couldnt say directly to the person, we usually would say it in Twitter.  But it never changed nothing, the condition still stucked until couple of weeks. Then, the moment when we like somebody but we just can follow him/her account, and only implicitly say our feeling in Twitter (yes sadly I also did it!). Also, nothing changed. Twitter is a not suitable replacement tool of our mouth for kind of this problem.

Then, second ground, I quite often found some of my friends were not answering their calls meanwhile I saw they kept updating their Twitter (might my phone calls too annoying for them? I am "annoying" caring girl XD lol). And another thing, I often still cannot get the reason some of my friends often invited me out to something via Twitter. I mean, why you need to ask me out via Twitter if you have my phone number? I don’t know,  it might be unconscious desire to show you have "something" cool in front of followers “Ngapain sms2n kalau, di Twitter semua orang bisa baca?” or just adding your tweets.  But for me, really, it kinda saddened me. Cmon, where is my personal invitation? :(((

However, they cannot change me to not using Twitter. I still need Twitter to give and receive informations that couldnt be acommodorated face-to-face. I need Twitter to see the other sides of world. I need Twitter to see the possibilities of human interactions. I need Twitter to keep me realizing I live in 21th century. But I will still keep under-control to not change my traditional communicating way to other humans.

If I could have something to say for better future, I would pick up these suggestions :
- Please don’t  tweet if you are drunk.
- Please don’t too often to share your life alone in Twitter, like you terribly don’t have friends / ANYone to share. At least, you can share it to me if you want.

And last, please don’t use Twitter as a place to say filthy words to someone.  It’s like you get wrong medication for your pain, dude. Wkwkwk.

My above writing doesn’t mean I never did any of them. This writing itself is made for not only showing progress of human's communicating way, but also throwing stone to not  become “From Brain To Twitter” person.


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