Friday, April 08, 2011

Dont Dream It's Over

Introduce me, I am Yulinda L Gaol, a girl who still cannot control her money now ^^.  Get interested easily in interesting things especially new books (ANY genres! XD), adventures, and new food/new restaurant (is it same? LOL). Maybe I am unlucky person to have such much drives to try anything .. or maybe I'm greedy one :pp lol

So, back to hobbies, I cannot resist books (public library is one of my heavens), cannot resist new adventures, and food (one my culiner interest is fried rice. More likely tobe obsession lol. I think Indonesian fried rices whether in the corner of street or fine restaurant, taste DIFFERENTLY one to another. That's the reason I don’t mind if I eat fried rice in the rest of my life muahahaha, but with one condition, I must taste different fried rice from different Chef lol. And still speaking about hobbies, I also want to confess that I often kinda have an envy to anybody who possibly make their hobbies easily. Lets say, his/her income is about 50 millions rupiah.  Hmm you surely can imagine how easy you can do hobbies with the money..


But besides I envy, I have weird thought toward my envy too. I mean, I also cannot understand why my friend, who has high income and have same hobbies like me, still doesnt get satisfied with her hobby achievements. She still wants  more, more, until one point I think it was already too-much. She has about >50  cocktail gowns, but she still got envy to my friend’s friend who only has two gowns. I really dont get the logic.


So, that’s something who has been bugging me these days .. toward my hobbies.

Maybe someday I will probably do same thing like what my friends do now.
My hobbies' prices might be getting higher & "getting me" when I get higher income.

I dont like it.


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